Street food is the name of the game towards the end of March in the Capital Region, with Streat Helsinki on offer 21–22 March.

Reaching out to food professionals, amateurs and foodies alike, the festival might just catch the eye of anyone interested in urban development, trends, start-ups, and service design.

A feast of flavour descends on Punavuori.

Somewhere in the upper echelons of Punavuori, high up on Annankatu there is an ambitious and delicious piece of history being remade. Tres Bones, a restaurant, bar and club founded by a trio of friends with a passion for kooky tunes, great fusion food and cocktails is quietly remaking history. Resting on the ashes of the famous clubbing landmark Lost and Found, Tres Bones is no hack job, but an ambitious undertaking with attention to detail that lets you know immediately that this is a restaurant that knows what its doing.

While companies may pay lip service to the concepts of open communication and transparency; the reality is often unrecognisable from the vision.

During the past year, half a dozen Finnish organisations have battled for headline space for all the wrong reasons. While allegations of actual fraud or embezzlement are rare in Finland, cases of dubious business ethics have become commonplace.

Sharing authentic Thai flavours all around Helsinki and beyond.

Located on Helsinki’s Fredrikinkatu, Thai restaurant Tamarin opened its doors in 2008 and is one of the five Tamarin Restaurants located around the city. This successful family business keeps growing strong and is today managed by Kenny Woo, son and second generation taking care of his parents’ legacy.

It doesn’t happen often, but on rare occasions I wander into a shop intending to spend more than 5 euros. In the past couple of years there has been a camera, a new phone and a fair amount of travel and outdoor gear, and I have noticed that all of those shopping experiences have one thing in common – I have largely served myself.