With the Minister of Education recently stating that Finland needs  the number of foreign students here to increase in future, just how will an already difficult job market cater to this influx of international resources?

Regularly appearing at the top of various polls, the Finnish education system has acquired an international reputation for its high level of quality. Thus, among the higher education student body today, currently there are some 15,700 foreign students enrolled here in Finland, divided almost equally between university and polytechnic institutions.

Although perceived as new arrivals here, Muslims actually have deep roots in Finland.

IF THE PAST is a foreign country, getting there can be tricky business. Guidebooks are sketchy and incomplete, and sometimes even finding the place on a map can be difficult – literally true in Finland’s case, as the former colonial subject of two empires with fluctuating borders. Another complication is that history is often less a story about the past than it is a function of anxieties of the present.

The boon of the information age has seen the popularity of internet dating propelled from the fringes of social acceptance to being a part of everyday life.

UP UNTIL recently, meeting potential partners in a bar or nightclub was the accepted way of bringing new people into your life. Things certainly have changed. Of course, one can still make one’s way down to a bar and try one’s hand in the minefield of game playing, posing and strutting of stuff, but more and more people these days are turning to the internet to fulfil their needs, ...

With the vast number of the population in Finland aging, immigrants may just be the answer to the concerning lack of care personnel.

IN the 19th century, Horace Greeley advised the American youth of his time to escape the impoverished and crowded cities of the East Coast and “go west, young man.” In Finland nowadays, while the prosperous southwestern triangle between Helsinki, Tampere and Turku is neither poor nor terribly crowded, officials like Marianne Mäntylehto might advise you to go north. And maybe study nursing.

With immigration policy being one of the hottest topics in the upcoming elections, SixDegrees decided to take a closer look at the parties’ views and representation of immigrants.

THERE was never any doubt that immigration would be one of the most contentious issues of the 2011 election. With the rise and rise of Timo Soini and the right wing True Finns, other parties and politicians have been sent scrabbling to come up with a message that sells. In some cases, there has seemed to be a willingness to compromise core values in order to do so.