The Gala Ceremony was held at Tehran´s Milad TV-tower

On 19 January 2016, Finnish environmental and architectural expertise will receive an award in Tehran. The international Energy Globe Award will be presented to the River Jukajoki restoration project in Eastern Finland and to the KOMITU architects’ project on the construction of a youth centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Finnish animation celebrates its centenary.

The mention of animation in Finland immediately evokes images of Tove Jansson’s Moomins. A constant presence in books, on screens, on mugs and in the hearts of Finns, these lovable characters have been a part of the Finnish culture since 1945.

Last year saw celebrations honouring Jansson on the 100th anniversary of her birth, with Moomins the centrepiece of her career retrospective. The Moomins have become Finland’s most well known animation characters, reaching a global audience and still continuing to grow in popularity. They also reach a huge audience in Japan. But why Japan, of all places?

The Helsinki Region’s international schools offer a true melting pot of learning.

When you walk into an international school, it’s as if you jump into a huge melting pot swirling with students and teachers from all over the world. They come from near and far corners of the globe to mix together with a common recipe for education. An education unique in its worldliness, individuality, and open mindedness.

Activities need not be confined to the warm months of the year. Here are a couple of options to keep yourself busy as the daylight fades and the night stretches on.

LAST issue we celebrated the Summer That Was. A season that began with a cold, wet and miserable month of June, things cranked up nicely with a burst of heat for around six weeks of humid bliss (for some) in July and early August. Ending with fits of rain and warm, pleasant days of diminishing daylight, now as we turn the corner into October, the leaves are falling and moods are swinging to getting down to business and working life.

Faced with increased public scrutiny, companies are trying to instil morality into their operations.

LARGE corporations have the potential to make a significant impact on our daily lives. Through their operations they can affect their employees, customers, suppliers and even their neighbours. Because their influence is so pervasive, companies today are more aware of their responsibility to society as a whole.