ANOTHER HEL(L)SINKI SUMMER also means another Tuska Open Air Metal Festival is around the corner. And all around Finland and the world metal heads are packing their band shirts, leather vests, black boots and -  hoping the metal gods will grant good festival weather – sunscreen to head to Helsinki for the weekend of July 1 to July 3. This will be the 19th edition of the festival, and it is again taking place at the former energy production area Suvilahti that is located very close to the city center.

Abbath played the first show ever at this year’s Tuska Festival.

TUSKA OPEN AIR METAL FESTIVAL did it once again: From June 26 to June 28 the 18th edition brought 25 000 metal heads together in Helsinki for a sunny, music packed weekend. 42 bands played on the three stages and made sure everyone would find something to their liking and the festival sauna offered the chance to take a refreshing, truly Finnish break. Also the food options stepped their game up: From tasty falafels to the stylish and delicious Black Dining restaurant the only thing you had to do to get a nice meal was make sure Helsinki’s infamous seagulls didn’t steal it.

FROM JUNE 26 to June 28 the 18th edition of the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival will open its gates to the predominantly black clad crowds. The festival is held at Suvilahti, a former energy production area that is very easily reached from the city centre with metro, trams and busses. Two gasometers give the place a unique feel and create an iconic skyline.

In a land rich in sauna history and tradition, public saunas used to be a staple in every neighbourhood of Helsinki. Now only a handful still exist.

ONE could say that sauna is to Finns as air is to the rest of us: indispensable. In fact, in a country of 5.5 million people, there is said to be nearly three million saunas on hand. Sauna is also the most recognised Finnish word to have been incorporated into the English language, originally used to describe the structure in which a sauna is held. It’s importance cannot be understated. As a cornerstone of Finnish life, sauna has provided warmth in a cold land and been a cultural domain for millennia.

As the Arctic freeze sets in, what could be more on people’s minds these days than getting away for a little while. And so, with Finns recently dubbed the number one travellers in the world, there are more options on offer than ever before to meet their needs.

Enter stage left: the Nordic Travel Fair MATKA. Arriving with a wave of inspiration, the largest event of the travel trade in Northern Europe presents a wide range of foreign and domestic destinations at Messukeskus, Expo and Convention Centre Helsinki until Sunday 18 January.