A man’s success was once measured either by the number in his bank account, or by the quality of people he surrounds himself with. However, thanks to a wide variety of apps now available, success can also be measured by the size of his bicep, his weight and body mass index, and let’s not forget his blood pressure and heart rate.

Aerial yoga is a new member of the growing yoga-inspired exercise family. What sets it apart from the more traditional types of yoga is doing exercise while you’re literally hanging up in the air, – not due to fierce meditation, but by a piece of material.

In short, doing aerial yoga involves stretching and muscle strengthening exercises while balancing on a fabric loop hanging from the ceiling. The first aerial yoga lessons were held in New York in 2006, and recently, the acrobatic yoga form arrived to Finland, too. The first place to offer aerial yoga lessons was Vertical Club in Helsinki.

The concept of friendship towns dates back to the 1940s and has offered various benefits to Finnish municipalities over the years. These days, cities collaborate across borders routinely, but town twinning still has relevance in international relations.

FOR ALMOST 70 years, Finnish cities and towns have been forming friendship agreements with foreign cities, allowing them to collaborate in numerous ways with their international partners. Today, Finnish municipalities have over a thousand twin town relationships around the world.

As technology grows and grows, no one thought knitting and crocheting would take the world by storm in 2014. This new craze is called amigurumi, and is the Japanese art of crocheting and knitting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. Amigurumi began to attract its fan base in 2003, yet already in 2006 it was reported to be the most popular item on Etsy; an online craft marketplace. Since then, its popularity has flourished, and they are very popular not only in Finland but all around the world.

Being at a loss for words does not become public announcers.

In our third story of sports-related hobbies, this issue we focus on public announcers.

The task of public announcer must be one of the most sought-after off-field duties related to sports. When the US professional baseball club San Diego Padres sought a new PA earlier this year, the first 460 hopefuls were granted an onsite audition, and after that the doors were closed – the queue was still crawling a long way from the Padres’ compound at that point.