After enjoying a long and fruitful career, what could be better than kicking back, knocking the top off a beer and surveying all of the good things you have contributed to society and the world at large. Right?

Well, this doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone. Increasingly, many are putting their hands up to volunteer their hard-won expertise around the globe, in places where it is needed the most.

David Gambarte moved here from Spain in January 2007 and lives with his wife in Espoo.

What do you do here in Finland?

I work as a partner sales manager in a Finnish software company, and I do everything I like: I participate in the literature circles organised in Helsinki, I have a radio programme, I have amazing friends and a family and in summer I often practice fly fishing.

Remembering to rewind your VHS tape before returning it may be a thing of the distant past, but the humble movie rental business is now facing more significant problems.

While downloading continues to steadily chew away the profits of the music industry, the humble movie rental business is haemorrhaging in similar circumstances.

The World Interfaith Harmony Week is being celebrated in Finland.

The first week of February is being observed as a World Interfaith Harmony Week both globally and here in Finland. Having been celebrated on a small scale from 2011, the event seeks to become a permanent fixture on the Finnish calendar.


Held annually in November, this festival may be the oldest prominent focal point for promoting global music and it has been organising by the Global Music Centre since 1988.

Etnosoi! has expanded country-wide partly due to the partnership with Cultural Cooperation (Kultturiosuuskunta) Uulu in Tampere.