Inspiring rhythms from all over the world can be found on our doorstep.

While Finland is already renowned on a global scale for various genres of music, what about one day if it were also to have a name for itself as a hub for global sounds?

Sick and tired of pop up ads hounding you when you are visiting your favourite website? Worn down by the various interuptions as you update your Facebook page? Ticked off because you know every click is being tracked? Bad mood from bumping into too many banners? Well, you are certainly not alone.

“Why kill an animal to decorate your home if you can do it with trash?”

JAIME and Yuan’s daughter was three years old when one chilly afternoon of the fall 2010 she became stubborn asking for a bow. At first, her parents didn’t have any intention to throw on a coat and head out onto the street in desperate search for one before shops closed their doors. On the other hand, you know how little reasonable and intense small girls can get when they consider a concrete item is missing in their fantasy world (and even more if we are talking about such a very precious – and pink – detail).

Parkour alive and well in the land of ice and snow.

It’s 11:00 am on an icy autumn morning when I meet up with Joona Saloranta, Winston Spennert and the boys from Parkourkeskus in the car park of Helsinki’s Pasila Railway Station. The sun is shining and in the distance Valtteri Luomanaho, a 16-year-old local parkour prodigy, lands a 540 spinning back flip off a concrete parking bollard in the centre of the parking lot.

WHILE some of us find the idea of a visit outside the confines of Helsinki’s Kehä 1 intimidating, apparently a trip to Mars is not out of the question for a sizeable chunk of the world’s population.

Recent news has it that Dutch engineer and entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp seeks to establish a permanent base on Mars. Fair enough. Hoping to scrape together the necessary 6 billion US dollars, he proposes that this mission take off in 2022.