Frozen food may not count as haute cuisine, but is its inferior reputation entirely deserved?

THE USEFULNESS of frozen food products should be evident to anyone who has ever added frozen vegetables into a wok, sprinkled frozen berries onto their morning porridge – or discovered a forgotten ready-made pizza in the freezer when thinking that there’s just nothing to eat.

Making promises for important life changes is a goal for many, and people make them now more than during any other time of the year.

THE changing of the year gives rise to many hopes and expectations, as it is a chance to start afresh. This is why many people make resolutions for the year to come, with the goal of changing habits or creating new ones. Some settle for not taking up new vices, while others make no such decisions.

6D explores betting and gambling in Finland.

Betting and gambling are activities enjoyed by most Finns. Unofficially, bets are placed on almost anything, like anywhere in the world: from whether there will be any passengers boarding the ferry boat at the next landing, through which of the two candidates gets more votes in the next election, to whether the next batsman will drive in runs – the keyword “next” shows that the outcome of a future event is always at stake. The same goes for unofficial gambling; per estimate, a vast majority of Finnish males have sometimes thrown “all in” at sökö (the traditionally popular variant of the five-card stud). For the most part, these have gone down as harmless vices.

A valuable life experience.

IN OUR now heavily globalised world, the desire to experience different countries and cultures has become a significant factor in university students’ lives. Today, the Erasmus programme is more than a simple exchange programme that involves courses taken at host universities; it’s a lifelong experience that affects both your private life and academic career.

Latin dances have long thrived in Finland, with Zouk the most recent genre to elicit avid followers.

BRAZILIAN Zouk dancing is a modern partner dance that has gained momentum in Finland, along with devoted supporters. The dance is an intimate dance that mixes the Brazilian Lambada with Zouk music of the Caribbean. The music originates from the French Caribbean areas of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana.