Continuing Matthew McConaughey’s somewhat astonishing about face from the doldrums of rom-com purgatory in recent times, director Jeff Nichols follows up his impressive Taking Shelter (2011) with Mud. Here two 14-year-old boys growing up in a small town beside the Mississippi stumble across McConaughey, who claims to be on the run from brutal bounty hunters after killing a man in Texas. Throw in Reese Witherspoon and more than a few Huckleberry Finn references and the McConaughey doubters left out there are bound to be converted. Otherwise, if still resisting, perhaps they can wait until McConaughey appears alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street later this year.

Premieres 27 September

Blue Jasmine (S)

Woody Allen returns from his adventures abroad, after the mixed results of previous effort To Rome With Love, heading to the West Coast of the States for his latest addition to his oeuvre. Here Cate Blanchett’s troubled former Manhattanite finds herself dumped by her wealthy husband, and moves to the Bay City to live with her sister. Under the effect of powerful anti-depressants, she attempts to put her life back on track, with the assistance of a typically cracking support cast including Alec Baldwin, Louis C.K., and Bobby Cannavale. Critics have fallen over themselves in praise.

Premieres 30 August

THE 26th Helsinki Film Festival will be staged once again in the capital city from 20-30 September. Known more widely under the moniker of Love and Anarchy, the festival is an eagerly anticipated event for the city’s cinephiles.

Founded in 1988, the festival gradually expanded from two theatres to 12 screens and established itself as an 11-day homage to cinema. During its first year the festival screened 26 films. Nowadays the programme consists of in the vicinity of 180 feature films and 80 short films. The screenings take place in the fine theatres and traditional film sanctuaries of Helsinki. Last year’s festival had over 57,000 visitors.

Coming from a family of artists, Ibrahim Maalouf has created his own style, combining sounds and techniques from different cultures. Recently seen in Finland as a part of his current tour for his latest release, Wind, the Paris-based trumpeter sat down with us to talk about music, multiculturalism and his admiration for Finland and the Scandinavian repertoire.

Man of Steel

Just in case you were feeling a shortage of superheroes on your silver screen, Wednesday 26 June sees the latest in along line of franchise reboots, as Henry Cavill steps into the caped suit of Superman in Man of Steel. After the most recent revisiting of the character, 2006’s coolly received yet still impressive Superman Returns, here the iconic superhero is updated for 2013 audiences, has his back story retold and, most surprisingly, has his habit of wearing his smalls over his tights done away with.
Premieres 26 June