The Equalizer (K16)

Time for some lunk-headed action fun, then, after the tepid, reserved violence of The Expendables 3 earlier this summer. Here Denzel Washington stars in a reboot of the ‘80s TV show centered on an ex-government agent who lends a helping hand to those in need. Teaming up with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, Washington continues to keep one foot equality in both serious thespian and action cheese territories. Regardless of the end result he is always a magnetic screen presence. While Fuqua’s career has had its ups and downs, expectations are relatively high for this latest outing.

OFFERING a range of new European drama reading, Reading EuropeAn Drama Festival (aka R.E.A.D.) is on offer from 6 to 8 October in Helsinki. Bringing together international theatre professionals who are currently living and working in Finland, fresh texts from Germany, Hungary, France, England, Norway, Russia, Italy and Estonia are on offer for audiences.

LOVERS of cinema rejoice – Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy is on the horizon, being held from 18–28 September. Organised for the 27th occasion, this year sees more than 170 feature films and some 150 short films being screened.

Magic in the Moonlight

It’s time for another Woody Allen flick, as he continues his prestigious output of a film a year. In contrast to recent years spent as a critical darling, his latest arrives in a year that has seen his off-screen life once again grabbing headlines. A romantic comedy set in the 1920s French Riviera, a surprising series of events eventuate after a master magician attempts to expose a psychic as a fraud. Colin Firth and Emma Stone costar. Typical for an Allen film, the cast is packed with top shelf thespians, including the likes of Marcia Gay Harden and Jacki Weaver.

IESAF celebrates its first decade with a live event.

AFTER ten years of bringing together the English-speaking community here in Finland, the International English Speakers’ Association of Finland is throwing a party to celebrate this important milestone.

“We are a large group of expat English speakers here in Finland,” explains IESAF predident Richard Berman. “We have groups in Vantaa, Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere and Turku and are growing all the time. We are non-profit and have over 5,000 members.”