Stool-fueled transport is a thing of the present.

MUCH like the classic film Back to the Future, wherein the DeLorean is fueled by banana peels and trash at one stage, currently hundreds of Finnish motorists are finding their “1.21 jigawatts” from human excrement as the source of their propelling force.

Dieting fads are bordering on the ridiculous.

Notice how with every change of season or at the end of a major holiday the buzz is all about the latest dieting trend? Every new diet would promise to finally unlock the secret to losing 10 kilograms a week (impossible) while living on food item X combined with food item Y (yeah right) resulting in that slim physique you’ve always dreamed about! Yeah, right. Meanwhile, long queues form outside the latest fast food restaurant to hit our shores and we wonder why we’re all getting fatter. But have no fear!

Located in south-eastern Spain, Cartagena is a small city with a long history. It was founded more than 3,000 years ago and since then it has been an important spot for trade and the navy due to its strategic position in the Mediterranean.

AS banks shut down their quieter branches, the same time they are forcefully boosting their e-services provision. Take Danske Bank’s MobilePay, for example: with it, you can transmit money with your mobile phone just by signing in on the app, keying in the sum and the recipient’s phone number and clicking on Send.

Our Supreme Administrative Court recently ruled that the Finnish Cannabis Association’s application for official registration cannot be rejected on the grounds of the association acting, as the Finnish Associations Act words it, “against good conduct” – this had been the fate of the previous such application in the 1990s.