Ever wondered about words that just don’t exist in the English language?

Every language has them: an expression that describes minute aspects of life that are impossible to summarise succinctly or with a single word in English.

Aside from swearing and slang, there are many really useful phrases that English could do with some borrowing from. Luckily, website Cracked.com is on hand with a handful of choice suggestions, under the title of “9 Foreign Words the English Language Desperately Needs”.

Crowdfunding gathers steam here in Finland.

GOT a great idea for starting a play, journalistic project or a company but lack the necessary fundage? Well, the recent rapid development of crowdfunding websites in Finland might just provide a solution.

Let’s take a look of how and where to crowdfund and looked at some cases that people have used it for.

A quick glance at Aberdeen can paint a bleak picture. Stuart MacBride, an Aberdonian author, once called Aberdeen schizophrenic. The mood of the people, he said, reflects the weather, and both can change dramatically in an instant. True, he is famous for his morbid murder stories, but the observation holds some veracity. When the sun is out, Aberdeen is a gem in the North-east of Scotland, living up to its name as the Silver City; but when it rains, it resembles its less appealing nickname, the Granite City.

Does Finland answer in the negative too often?

The digital world was abuzz in recent months with reports of bureaucracy gone mad. The Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) reportedly barred two Finnish bloggers from writing about an event in their private blogs because of the subject matter (whiskey) and the event, the Beer and Whiskey Expo 2014.

AS THE year draws to a close, how will you remember 2014? Has it been an ordinary year, just like any other? Or maybe it was one of the best in recent memory? Perhaps it is the worst on record? Or maybe you don’t even follow the Gregorian calendar, and have to endure another season of holidays, superstitions and resolutions that hold no meaning for you whatsoever!