Marko Forss, the 2011 police officer of the year, helps to maintain law and order in cyberspace.

DOES the internet seem safe to you – or do you think of it more as an ungoverned no-man’s land where trouble lurks behind every corner, waiting for an unsuspecting visitor?

Although the latter description is doubtless hyperbolic, it seems an unfortunate truth that where there are people, there is also crime. And as social media sites are becoming a natural extension of people’s lives, also the amount of online crime is most likely to grow.

Drumming has taken Keith Hall to many stages around the world.

SITTING with Keith Hall is an exercise in keeping up with the multitude of jokes and anecdotes filling the air. A drummer since he was nine years old, London-born Hall enjoyed success early on in his career with the popular group Pickettywitch in the early ‘70s. Going on to join one the most famous outfits of all time, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Hall was soon touring the globe once again. Following his time with the band, Hall went on to work with an impressive number of internationally known musicians over the years including a stint in Terry Lightfoot´s Jazz Band continuing an illustrious line of previous drummers that includes Ginger Baker.

Attracting international companies to the capital region is born out of Micah Gland’s pride for his adopted homeland.

A story familiar to many foreigners living here sees Finns living abroad eventually wanting to return home, driven by a bout of homesickness, inevitably bringing back with them a ‘souvenir’ from their time abroad in the shape of a partner or spouse. For Micah Gland’s Finland-Swedish mother, 1987 was the year that she brought his father, his brother and himself back here to Northern Europe, after living in the USA since before he was born.

Antipodean culture has been the key to successfully settling in Finland for Bejay Visser.

IT’S early on a Thursday morning: 9 am. Too early, in fact, one would think to meet a bar owner for an interview. Though when greeted by New Zealander Bejay Visser at the door of his phenomenally successful Aussie Bar, his warm handshake and friendly demeanour suggests nothing but deep reserves of energy.

David J. Cord’s enthusiasm for the written word has seen him recently document the rise and fall of Muxlim.

Originally from Indianapolis, USA, it has been in Finland where David J. Cord’s life has taken some unexpected turns, as he slowly moved away from his initial career in finance to try his hand at journalism. A regular contributor to Helsinki Times since its inception, with his opinionated and popular column appearing in all but one issue, it was this change of direction that eventually led him to Mohamed El-Fatatry, the driving force behind Muxlim, the world’s first online social network site specifically for Muslims.