Spotting Aki Choklat in the street is not that difficult: look for his shoes. He will most probably be wearing the most eclectic or, at least, the spiciest shoes in that street. Choklat is without a doubt the most well-known Finnish of shoe designers.

Supporting entrepreneurs to realise their dreams.

THERE are few people in Finland with broader experience in start-up companies than American Will Cardwell. Since 1998, he has invested in them either independently or as a venture capitalist with Eqvitec Partners and Conor Venture Partners. He has advised them from the board of directors, and also led one, Valimo Wireless, as CEO. He has helped them begin their business life from his position as head of Technopolis Ventures, Finland’s largest technology incubator. He has researched and lectured about them in the Aalto School of Economics and Aalto University of Technology.

The Bishop of Helsinki sees the Church in 2011 as a part of an ongoing evolution.

ARRIVING to the top floor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland Diocese of Helsinki building, after being warmly greeted by Bishop Irja Askola it comes as a mild surprise to discover that her office appears to have embraced a stark, Scandinavian style. Furnished with an abundance of bare wooden surfaces, a small collection of books rests on the bookshelf, with a plant, a desk and a long meeting table struggling to fill the available space. Cultural differences aside, I had anticipated perhaps a little more iconography and decoration for a person of her position.

Director Peter Lindholm’s latest film offers Finnish society pause for thought.

FinLAND-Swedish film director, producer and scriptwriter Peter Lindholm is known for such films as Kites over Helsinki, Three in Love and Kill City, while also producing several TV-series as well.

Not seeing himself as a typical Finland-Swede, the 51-year-old director feels more that he belongs to a minority within a minority. His true mother tongue is the language of film, a dialect that he has retained from his youth.

From interviewing Nelson Mandela after his release from prison, to riding in helicopters during the Vietnam War, renowned Finnish journalist Rauli Virtanen has covered many of the world’s major events and conflicts of the past forty years.

Amongst his numerous postings throughout the decades, Rauli Virtanen has worked as a freelance journalist for YLE and has been MTV3’s foreign correspondent in America and the United Kingdom.