Sana'a airport which has been closed in front of commercial flights since 2016. Photo: Nasser Abdulkareem/NRC


Statement by Erin Hutchinson, the Norwegian Refugee Council's Country Director in Yemen, on the resumption today of commercial flights from Sana’a:

"The take-off of the first commercial flight from Sana'a airport in almost six years is a stepping stone towards a lasting peace for Yemen.

“The long overdue reopening of the airport was one of the major objectives of the truce. If the parties to the conflict continue to work together to operate regular flights in and out of Sana’a, they can help save thousands of lives, prevent premature deaths, and support the country’s economy. Yemenis will enjoy greater freedom of movement, and it will be quicker, easier, and cheaper to bring goods and aid into the country.

"We applaud the parties to the conflict for working to find common ground that benefits the wellbeing of the Yemeni people and urge them to urgently meet other elements of the truce, like opening the roads in Taiz and other governorates. The truce must be extended to meet these commitments, and to prevent further loss of life."

Source: Norwegian Refugee Council

WorldCon 75, Scott Lynch; photo by Jana Blomqvist


WorldCon 75, Robin Hobb; photo by Jana Blomqvist


Based on an interview by Alisa Nirman on 3.10.2016