A woman getting drinkable water in Basateen, Yemen. Photo: © European Union/ECHO


Statement by Erin Hutchinson, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Yemen Country Director, on the outcome of the international pledging conference for Yemen:

“The international community today showed it has abandoned Yemen at this crucial crossroads, with a mere quarter of the amount needed to support the millions of Yemenis who require urgent assistance. This is woefully inadequate and gives the signal that some humans are less valuable than others.

“The fact that over two-thirds of Yemen's population requires humanitarian assistance is a staggering figure, and it is unacceptable that so many people are left struggling to access basic necessities like food, water, and shelter.

“The consequences of this disgraceful shortfall in aid will undoubtedly be dire for the people of Yemen, who will continue to suffer and face tremendous hardship as a result. As the situation in Yemen worsens, it is imperative that donors step up and provide the necessary support to help those in need. Any delay in aid could result in even greater loss and suffering for the people of Yemen.”


WorldCon 75, Scott Lynch; photo by Jana Blomqvist


WorldCon 75, Robin Hobb; photo by Jana Blomqvist


Based on an interview by Alisa Nirman on 3.10.2016