A new restaurant brings some Mexican sunshine to the office quarter near the Central Railway Station in Helsinki. Rapidly securing its place in the hearts of food lovers, even the Ambassador of Mexico is a fan.

It is probably the most ideal time of the year to discover some Mexican sizzle in the city of Helsinki. The polar nights are upon us and as the general gloom of November sets in, every means for keeping the winter blues at bay will be needed. Well, here is one top tip: head down to Eatos.

This is a formidable place in the Asian store. Spiky fruit abide side-by-side with frozen sea life of various size, shape and colour. Packets half frosted-over offer little help – ‘Squid balls’ proclaims one, another has text mostly in foreign scribble and, helpfully, in Dutch. Asking the shopkeeper is not an option, lest risk her wrath, therefore is all hope lost? No, it is not. Here is SixDegrees’ helpful guide to perusing the freezer section.

A weekly menu ensures a different global cuisine is always around the corner in Tampere.

Tucked into the ground floor of an old wooden house in the historic neighborhood of Pispala, Tampere, Café Pispala is a bit of local secret, still a hidden gem. Founded by Bostonian Yvonne and Finn Vesa Leppälä, the café opened its doors in June this year. It exists as the culmination of a lifelong love of cuisines of the world, and was also born from the desire to share these flavours with the eclectic people of Pispala.

Tofu is no longer a mystery faux meat to the Finnish market. We’ve got your soymilk, soy drink, soy cream, hemp-tofu, smoked and marinated tofu and all kinds of business. But what about the mystery hybrid tofus – and how do you treat silken versus regular versus extra firm tofu? Read on gentle reader. Read on.

A breath of genuine South American air arrives in Töölö.

It’s Wednesday evening and restaurant-bar Favela is buzzing. Having been open for only a day, the amount of people is almost surprising. The age span of the clientele seems to stretch from 20-somethings to middle aged and beyond. And most importantly, everyone seems visibly in good spirits.