Robin DeWan is a musician, writer and conceptual artist living on Suomenlinna. He holds a degree in literature from the University of California.

Not only is the new year off to a rip-roaring start, we are also on the cusp of an entirely new decade. Before we can even settle on exactly what to call the last one (the twenty-hundreds? The two thousands?), a new set of years, which historians will lump together and refer to, is already barreling down upon us. Here are ten predictions for the twenty-tens:

Space tourism. A bonafide “spaceline” will begin service – probably Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic – amid much fanfare and few customers.

Farewell to privacy. With data storage systems interconnecting and expanding, everyone’s privacy will evaporate. Surprisingly, almost nobody will be too bothered by this development.

Robot bartenders. Trendy bars will dispense with staff and “employ” C-3PO’s relatives to serve drinks. These friendly machines will also be programmed to bombard you with a stream of advertisements.

Earth coolers. Realising that efficiency and frugality alone will not be enough to sufficiently cut greenhouse gases, giant Earth cooling systems will be used to try and reduce surface temperatures in order to prevent major climate change.

Smart medicines. Not exactly smart drugs’ cousins, medicines that specifically target diseased cells will be developed.

‘90s fashion revival. I’m not talking plaid shirts and ripped jeans here. It’s the 1890s that are coming back, complete with fancy vests and striped trousers.

Countries for sale. The economies of a few countries will so abjectly fail that they will have to be “absorbed.”

Space elevator. More action in space – the first space elevator will be built. We have the technology, we have the will...the money will come from somewhere.

The dollar fades. By the end of the decade, the US dollar will lose its status as the world’s dominant currency. And on a side note, those jobs we lost in the last years won’t be coming back.

Micro-chip implants. Common among pets, people will start getting micro-chip implants under their skin. It will be hipper than a tattoo in some circles.

There you have it, ten events to look forward to in the coming decade. Bubbling under the surface was one other: the end of print media, but I don’t think that will happen until sometime in the 2020s. At least I hope not. After all, I rather enjoy my line of work.

Robin DeWan