Delcado Fuchs get freaky.

Does a dancer have to give all he’s got on stage? Are dancers required to shave their pubic hair? Is the performer’s job to keep the audience from falling asleep?

These are only a few of the slightly improper questions asked of Delcado Fuchs, an extraordinary international modern dance group. The outrageously entertaining duo lands in Helsinki for the Side Step International Dance Festival at the beginning of February. Delcado Fuchs takes over the stage with absurd humour, a great sense of rhythm and bizarre costumes. As a feature of their performance, the audience can take part in a self-designed exercise programme which is a test of your laughing muscles if nothing else.

Another performer of interest is Miguel Gutierrez, an awarded New York dancer with balls of steel, that is at least when it comes to taking a stand on stage. His performance Retrospective Exhibitionist is guaranteed to blow the audience away, with provocative takes on performing and narcissism. The performance is designed to shock with scenes such as the dancer snorting some substance from a mirror, reveals Jaana Tamminen of the Zodiak Centre of New Dance.

Tue 9 to Sun 14 Feb
Side Step International
Dance Festival
Zodiak, Cable Factory

The array of international and domestic modern dance performances offered at Side Step are everything but conventional. Filled with wild humour, philosophical dilemmas, complicated questions, chilling symbolism and contradictory ideas, this festival will most certainly provide something of interest even for those who may consider themselves to be not so keen on modern dance.

Petra Nyman
Sophie Ballmer