12 March
Bar Loose, Helsinki
Tickets 7€

13 March
Dynamo, Tampere
TIckets 6€



TUCSON, ARIZONA – known for that spacious, alt-country sound. Calexico, Giant Sand and…Bob Log III? How does a distorted, one-man-slide-guitar-band fit into the Americana picture? While the former two internationally acclaimed bands may take their cue from wide-open deserts and south-of-the-border influences, Bob Log III sounds more like he was bitten by a rattlesnake, or perhaps a rabid javelina.

Make no mistake, this guy is loud and weird. But if fans such as Tom Waits are to be trusted, it’s a good kinda weird. Bob plays modified old silvertone archtop guitars while entrenched within a super-sonic flight pilots’ helmet and full cannon ball suit. If stuff gets chucked at the performer, Log is protected. More often than not, however, he rocks the crowd to no end and sometimes even gets a few boobs dropped in his scotch, as is the custom according to one of his more controversial antics.

Bob Log III has been to Finland several times before and the upcoming two gigs he has scheduled in March probably won’t be his last here. Playing over 150 shows a year in more than 30 countries is no simple feat. But as he proclaims on his website: “There is no town too remote, there never has been.” You gotta see it to believe it. And don’t count on the man himself to recount what’s going down as this Bob Log doesn’t have time to blog. He says it all in the title of his new album: “My Shit is Perfect.”

Robin DeWan