Sat 27 March
With Pope Puoltaival (sax) and Jay Kortehisto (trombone)
Dubrovnik (in association with Loikka Festival)
Eerikinkatu 11, Helsinki

Sat 24 April
With Timo Lassy (sax + DJ) Sat 22 May
With the Nordic Young Jazz Comets semi-final selection (including a set by 2008 Finnish winners Elefantree)
Uudenmaankatu 16

THIS CLUB is some sort of nomadic institution. Having started originally in Korjaamo, migrated to Liberté and had a season in Turku, Töpseli-klubi has now relocated to downtown in Belly on Uudenmaankatu! The focus is the interface of disco and live jazz with musicians performing a solo set before joining the DJs to jam over some classic jazz vinyls. Regular DJs Untamo and Jatsipetsi have nearly the full roster of the nu-jazz generation of musicians playing with them at one time or another.

The idea was concocted by the two young DJs back in 2005. They were looking to add a new element to the club world while capitalising on their own love of 12” classic jazz vinyls. From the start the live music has had a strictly Finnish focus with less than a handful of foreign artists playing, but with the summer coming there are moves to take the concept out to some festivals and increase their catchment area. In the meantime the Belly sessions will continue in Helsinki for the next few months.

Whether you consider yourself fully wired or more an un-plugged type, if you are in the habit of total-physical response to music then there’s a good chance you would enjoy the vibes of this thoroughly Finnish concept in crossover culture: a club where the focus is equally on the contributions of the audience as with live musicians, joining the jam with dudes behind the turntables.

Anthony Shaw