INTERESTED in indie music but not sure how to find new songs? Well, Hitlantis is here for you. Established at the beginning of this year, this bright new online service is quickly gaining popularity and currently hosts music from 21 countries. Although it is an Irish company, both the technical solution and the idea originated in Finland.

“The whole idea came from discussions with Ulf Ekberg (Ace of Base) and Ville Valo, who also came up with the name Hitlantis,” says Marcus Tilgmann, the managing director of the site.

“We now have over 800 Finnish bands and there are over 3,000 users. What has to be remembered is that we are still in Beta mode. The real site will go live 27 May,” Tilgmann continues.

You can log in to Hitlantis through Facebook and create your own profile as a user or an artist. Then you can either listen to music or upload your own material free of charge.

The artist’s profile appears on the screen in a form of a bubble. Bubbles are marked in different colours according to the music genre that they represent, forming a colourful galaxy.

The size of the bubble defines a band’s popularity. Roughly speaking, each musical profile attempts to outgrow the competition by increasing both their number of fans and their own activity and posts on the site.

The users themselves help the musical bubble gain points by downloading songs, voting for them, or becoming fans. Ultimately the bands can win prizes like live gigs or radio play, which could mark a real breakthrough.

Hitlantis offers an easy way to find plenty of fresh indie music and gives an idea of upcoming trends. It has already gained some attention from foreign media with CNBC and Bolagsfakta featuring stories about the service.

Although the internet is full of music portals, Hitlantis is worth the attention. It presents a real chance for starting musicians trying to be noticed, but it also enhances your role as a member of the internet community, because it is entirely up to you which bubble will win the race.

Katarzyna Herd