Ikonika will rock the house at Turku Modern.

PICTURE yourself at the centre of cosmos, spiritual cultivation and money; cultural enjoyment and reasoning; hedonism, fame and mystery. According to a curious piece of graphic on the website, you have reached the essence of Turku Modern, a music festival organised for the second consecutive time in July in Turku.

“The festival presents an array of artists from house and techno, on one hand, to hip hop and Jamaican music on the other,” says Sampo Axelsson, one of the individuals behind Turku Modern.

“The reception and feedback last year was surprisingly good, especially in Turku,” admits Axelsson. “Of course, going into our second year was easier knowing that people are interested and that we can attract a full house.”

In addition to the cream of the crop of Finnish dance and house artists, the line-up for 2010 boasts a few interesting international names. More emphasis is also on the free events. “We have, for instance, a free event at the Turku City Library.”

“In this line of music, festivals in general are no gold mines, but we have been able to pay all the wages with no outstanding debts – which is quite a feat,” Axelsson states.

“After all, the plan is to be around for the year 2011, when Turku is the European Capital of Culture,” he continues. “The city has already signalled that they believe events like these should be represented in Turku.”

Turku Modern
16-18 July
Tickets from €20

In 2010, the festival will look to attract an increased number of visitors from outside of Turku. “In the summer Turku is simply stunning, and well worth the trip from Helsinki, for instance. We will try to be the excuse for some people to witness the city first-hand,” Axelsson exclaims.

Aleksi Teivainen