After supporting sludge legends Earth last year, American musician Phil Elverum returns to Finland with his band Mount Eerie to perform at Helsinki’s Kuudes Linja on Monday 6 May. The performance marks the first show of the group’s European tour in support of the acclaimed pair of albums released last year, Clear Moon and Ocean Roar.

The albums portray Elverum’s fascination and awe of the nature, which envelops him in the small town of Anacortes, Washington. The songs, he reveals, are attempts to capture the feelings he associates with his home-town – an ambition aptly summarised in his foreword to Clear Moon: “I go on describing this place, and the way it feels to live and die”.

The songs are engrossing and overwhelming barrages of sound which all but smother Elverum’s brittle, yet calm, voice, as he observes the desolate landscape. His home-made lo-fi approach – which also characterised his previous moniker, The Microphones – conjures a warm backdrop to his naturalist, introspective ruminations. Clear Moon, in its eerie mystique and benevolence, is offset by the bellowing and devastating Ocean Roar. Immerse yourself and let your mind wonder in a manner, one imagines, reminiscent of Henry Thoreau.

Mount Eerie
6 May
Tickets €12
Kuudes Linja
Hämeentie 13

Finnish super-group Riitaoja – which features members of the likes of Sielun Veljet, Circle and The Flaming Sideburns – will kick off what is certain to be an intriguing Monday evening.

Image: Fullsteam