Anu Nirkko’s work features in the second exhibition hall.

Mozambican sculptor Sergio Simione is coming to Helsinki for a joint exhibition at the Jetty Barracks Gallery in Helsinki’s Suomenlinna from 4 until 28 July. Sharing space with local artist Pauliina Aarnio, the duo seeks to investigate the meaning of humanity and human nature in our everyday lives. Developing their collaboration at a grassroots level, the duo explores how we as human creatures venture in this world.

Not reaching for the sky to traverse the vast world of great achievements, the multicultural duo focus on what our life really consists of. “Everyday something in our actions shows that we are human.”

Pauliina Aarnio & Sergio
Simione and Anu Nirkko
4 – 28 July
Jetty Barracks Gallery
Suomenlinna 1C

In the second exhibition hall, Anu Nirkko offers a range of her drawings and woodcuts and monotypes. Gathering together works drawn at home and abroad, Nirkko has drawn self-portraits, her companion, son, daughter and her baby and her dog. Not to be outdone, friends and collegues have all been captured, as well as various plants. Encounters with people and places, and the emotions, feelings and images evoked by them are all explored here.

James O’Sullivan