Heino’s work takes up space - indoors and out.

One of the most uncompromising Finnish contemporary artists today, the work of Timo Heino is currently on display at Helsinki’s Tennispalatsi until 17 November. Offering a comprehensive review of Heino’s work from 1990 to the present, visitors can reflect on the various installations and collages drawing on often surprising combinations of objects and materials.

Rubber, metal and dust are as commonplace as smoothness, coldness and hairiness during the exhibition, resulting in often highly charged, creature-like works. Offering insights about private experiences, Heino’s art also offers reflection on social and global issues of power, sexuality, consumerism and the relationship between humanity and nature.

Although Heino’s works fill larger spaces, their impressive scale is not the ultimate desired outcome. The most important reaction for the artist is that his works offer the possibility for free thinking. The world is not black and white, but constructed of complex elements that allow multiple interpretations. According to Heino, he expresses his personal experiences of the world and the culture he lives in, which is why his works inevitably contain paradoxes and conflicts.

Timo Heino
Until 17 Nov 2013
Helsinki Art Museum
Tennis Palace
Salomonkatu 15

Furthermore, if you seek to enjoy works on display unconfined by the exhibition space at Tennispalatsi, Heino’s art can also be found at the Rastila and Kamppi metro stations. Furthermore, his latest public piece, Line Drawn in Water, is scheduled to be completed by spring next year in the new Kalasatama residential district.

James O’Sullivan