Nayekhovichi are a refreshing mix.

THINGS are about to get seriously multicultural in the Capital Region once again, with the arrival of Etnosoi! Held since 1988, the festival brings together a wide collection of international sounds each year.

Heading the line up this year is English folk artist Sam Lee, who comes to town on the back of some serious industry buzz for his first gig ever on Finnish soil.

Artists from closer to home include a concert in honour of Nils-Aslak Valkeapää, the worldwide known Sàmi artist. Celebrating the artist in sound, poetry and pictures, both Finnish and Norwegian joik singers and musicians are performing at the concert, which will be staged in Inari as well as in Helsinki.

Furthermore, eight stars from the Nordic countries will be joining forces in the New Nordic Native Tour concert, offering authentic sounds from Iran, Andalusia, Kurdistan and Finland. Meanwhile, accordion artist Maria Kalaniemi, will be celebrating her 30-year career as an artist at this year’s festival.

The festival is also reaching out to other territories, with Etnosoi! in Tampere serving up the India flavours of trio Sitar Heroes. New Nordic Native Tour will also be appearing on 7 November.

6-10 November

Meanwhile, exhibition Suohpanterror offers a range of familiar-looking propaganda posters about Sápmi, the land of the Sámi people. Challenging ideas of treatment of the Sámi, these busts of colour on display at Kirjasto 10 remind viewers of ongoing local ethnic struggles.

James O’Sullivan