Following a memorable perfromance at Ilosaarirock, fans of Icelandic postrock outfit Sigur Rós have had to wait five years for their return. Now headlining their own gig for the first time here, they are appearing at Hartwall arena on Saturday 30 November.

While filling the cavernous arena may initially seem a little on the ambitious side, given the fact that they haven’t reached wider publicity here, the venue is actually being transformed into an intimate venue, so as to fit the visual ambitions of the spectacle they are taking around Europe in November.

With their name meaning “victory rose” in their native tongue, the band originally formed back in 1994, gaining momentum towards the end of the decade when Svefn-G-Englar was hailed as NME’s Single of the Week in 1999.

The turn of the century then saw them supporting Radiohead on a few dates before the raw sound of their third album, ( ), scaled back on the rolling highs and lows of their previous releases, and propelled them into the US and Japan markets.

Sigur Rós
30 November, 18:30
Tickets €45-65
Hartwall Areena
Areenankuja 1

Subsequent years have seen them tinkering with their sound, offering occasionally tighter arrangements and pop influences. Released earlier this year, their seventh album, Kveikur, saw them upsetting the apple cart with a more aggressive direction that continued pushing their music into unexpected, and very welcome, directions. Who knows what to expect at Hartwall Areena.

James O’Sullivan