Helsinki Flamenco Festival 2014
8-19 February

IT’S time once again to enjoy world-class flamenco at the Helsinki Flamenco Festival. Held between 8 and 19 February, the festival programme this year is full of events and activities, such as concerts with famous flamenco artists, both foreign and Finnish, dance courses and lectures.

Kicking off with a festival club night at the National Theatre Stage Club, a juerga-ring is set to be formed, with all and sundry invited to showcase their skills, with various tapas being served to fuel the improvisation.

Meanwhile, Tampere-based dance artist Anu Silvennoinen offers a message of tolerance and acceptance of diversity, with Painter’s Grey Day – Flamenco Dance and Workshop for Children. Primarily aimed at the little ones, but suitable for all ages, the performance is to be followed by an open dance workshop.

Children feature again with the Children and Young People Flamenco VI Biennale, giving youngsters the chance to access the stage itself.

Adult focus

Recital de Cante Flamenco on Friday 14 February offers a rare opportunity to turn one’s attention to the traditional form of flamenco music song recital.

Here top musicians perform an intimate concert, with a focus on song, guitar, rhythm, different styles and moods – the core of flamenco.

Saturday 15 February sees Guadalupe Torres: Acuérdate Cuando entonces ... (Do you remember the time before...). A young dancer from Madrid, the performance reflects Torres’ view on current flamenco, with respect to the history of the great styles and features. Also, for those seeking to brush up on their own skills, Torres is on hand to share his skills, offering a course from 11-16 February.

Founded in 1993, the Helsinki Flamenco Association seeks to bring together flamenco enthusiasts and promote awareness of the art form, with the first Helsinki Flamenco Festival staged in 1997.

James O’Sullivan
Lisiane Sfair