Apassionata ­– Time for Dreams
7-9 February
Tickets €20.50-59.50
Hartwall Areena
Areenakuja 1

IF you fancy your horses performing tricks and the like, then look no further than the travelling horse show Apassionata. A performance that shines the spotlight on horses in the main role, the theme of this year’s extravaganza is Time for Dreams.

Exhibiting a range of horses from all over the world, the new show seeks to tell the story of two friends who just happen to travel through time. Experiencing various ages and seasons, they embark on a journey that takes them though a winter wonderland and sees them spending summertime at the seaside. With their horses by their side, the friends promise to enjoy an unforgettable adventure together.

With previous shows from Apassionata offering the likes of donkey clowning and horses bowing and dancing on pianos, who knows what the many and various four-hoofed friends will get up to at Harwall Areena this time around. With over five million people having enjoyed their shows around the globe, these performances follow on from the last time Apassionata show was here with Friends Forever in 2012.

Keep in mind, however, that although they may be considered Man’s Best Friend, buying a ticket also for your favourite canine – no matter how into horsing around they may be – will result in them not gaining entrance to the arena.

James O’Sullivan
Live Nation