Image: Greg Kade

LENNY Kravitz has had nothing if not of a chequered career. Arriving at the end of the ‘80s, the first word on the dreadlocked singer-songwriter was that he was a revisionist. Less kind appraisals noted the similarity of many of his songs to those of an earlier time. However, given that he would perform the lion’s share of instruments on his recordings, he still managed to attain some respect even from his harshest critics.

The public cared little, however, and the arrival of 1993’s Are You Gonna Go My Way, saw him propelled to the stratosphere. With its catchy retro-rock single of the same name, his third album went on to sell four million copies worldwide. Follow-up Circus dropped a lackluster collection of Kravitz musings on the wider public, with the singer expressing disillusionment with the music industry at the time.

1998’s 5 saw the singer back in form, with the album going on to sell over six million copies and snag two Grammy Awards in the process. Subsequent albums saw Kravitz’s audience gradually dwindle, with 2004’s Baptism receiving a critical drubbing. Things picked up once again and fast-forward to 2011 and his ninth release, Black and White America, saw Kravitz tackle funk with intriguing results.

His tenth studio album, Strut, arrived earlier this year, with singles The Chamber and Sex grabbing attention around the globe.

Lenny Kravitz
26 October, 20:00
Tickets €53.50/67.50
Hartwall Arena, Areenankuja 1, Helsinki

Performing at Helsinki Areena in Helsinki on Sunday 26 October, the gig marks Kravitz’s first appearance here since he cancelled his appearance onstage back in 2012 due to filming commitments that ran overtime. Fingers crossed when the houselights go down.

James O’Sullivan