Pam Ann returns, filthier than ever.

Following her riotous performance back in 2012, super flight attendant Pam Ann is touching down in Finland again. Returning to the scene of the crime, Helsinki’s Savoy Theatre, everyone’s favourite in flight entertainment will be appearing on Thursday 23 October.

The alter-ego of Australian Caroline Reid, the comedienne has toured the world for a number of years with her portrayal of the outrageous air-hostess. Alongside her onstage appearances, she has also featured in advertising campaigns for British airways and sky team.

This time around she promises the filthiest, funniest, most explosive show to date, touting the following in a release:

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is your captain speaking, we would like to welcome you on board to our PLANE FILTHY Flight, and would like to thank you for flying Pam Ann airlines. Cabin crew, arm doors for departure and buckle the f**k up!”

Enough said!

If you feel your funny bone beginning to quiver with the first ripples of tickling, then this might just be the show for you.

Pam Ann – Plane Filthy
23 October, 20:00
Tickets €37/34, Savoy Theatre
Kasarmikatu 46-48, Helsinki

As the airline industry continues to contract, Pam Ann offers a range of tales from the galley. Sometimes saucy, sometimes offensive, Ann is often times hilarious.

James O’Sullivan