Night Visions, 28 October-2 November

Having now expanded into a six-day festival, Night Visions: Maximum Halloween 3014 is being held from Tuesday 28 October until Sunday 2 November. Given that Maxim is out of business at the moment due to water damage, the event is being staged at Kinopalatsi.

This year promises more films than ever before, with a line-up of around 40 full-lengths and some 70 screenings.

Some of the treats on offer for this edition include Iranian director Marjane Satrapi’s horror comedy The Voices, with Ryan Reynolds, Anna Kendrick and Gemma Arterton taking the starring roles. Elsewhere, those wondering what Flight of the Conchords’ Jermaine Clement was up to these days can scratch their heads no more. Co-directing and starring with Taika Waititi, their What We Do in the Shadows tells the tale of a group of vampires who live together in Wellington.

Ever found the world of Disney a bit overwhelming? Well, you appear to have company, with Escape from Tomorrow. Filmed guerrilla-style on location at both Disney World and Disneyland – without permission from the company – here an unemployed man has a series of increasingly disturbing experiences and visions when he takes his family to the famed theme park.

Elsewhere, the traditional all-night screening is taking place, various local classics are being screened, as well as a swag of flicks enjoying their Finnish big screen premiere.

James O’Sullivan
Image: Filmikamari