Hannaleena Hauru, one half of the writing team behind domestic short film Säälistäjät (Mercy All the Way).

THINGS are about to get political in Helsinki from 20-23 November, with another edition of the annual Lens Politica Film and Media Art Festival. Utilising a variety of media to generate both thought and discussion concerning current political issues, the festival includes the premiere of the domestic short film Säälistäjät (Mercy All the Way), a half-hour comedy satire scripted by Hannaleena Hauru and Tanja Heinänen.

Elsewhere, the work of Canadian photographer and artist Jonathan Hobin features as part of the festival. His most famous and controversial work, In The Playroom, sees a number of history’s violent scenes of significance being portrayed by children in a play-setting. Stay tuned for next month’s issue of SixDegrees where we sit down with Hobin to hear about his controversial approach.

This is just merely the tip of the iceberg. Documentaries from the likes of French director Michel Gondry are on this year’s bill. Elsewhere, a number of works take a closer look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Portuguese Carnation Revolution, elderly sexuality and the Cold War, detailed through the victorious Soviet Union national ice hockey team. Check the website for more.

Lens Politica Film and
Media Art Festival
20-23 November

James O’Sullivan
Image: Susanna Hauru