The fourth annual Festival of English Language Theatre in Finland (FELT IF 2012) is being held on 20–25 November at Hurjaruuth Theatre in Kaapelitehdas. Bringing together three local English-language theatre groups, nine short plays are being staged, offering audiences a burst of variety.

Veterans The Finn-Brit Players take a bow with The Bench, written and directed by Beth Morton, as Dermot’s seemingly hassle-free life as a hobo is about to be shaken up by the arrival of Rosa. In a direct response to a dearth of good roles written for women, new theatre group Blood, Love & Rhetoric sees the all-women comedy show Not the Vagina Monologues, written and directed by Zoë Chandler.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Tango Pasión arrives to Finland for a run of shows in Helsinki, Lahti, Tampere and Turku from 14 to 22 November.

Born from the creative minds of Mel Howard and José Libertella, along with choreographer Hector Zaraspe and painter Ricardo Carpani, the show originally evolved in Buenos Aires, as the quartet skilfully weaved together numerous tango stories.

After the release of their eight studio album, Always, San Francisco’s Xiu Xiu (pronounced: ʃu ʃu) return to Finland at the end of October as part of the ensuing “tour of the Western world”. The outfit, fronted by Jamie Stewart, will play alongside the innovative Finnish electronic duo, Bendagram at Helsinki’s Korjaamo.

SHOWERING audiences with a burst of Mexican culture, Ballet Folklórico Tradicional del Estado de Oaxaca is being performed at Helsinki’s Savoy Theatre on 31 October.

Offering an expression of belief and prayer through dance and music that invokes the support of the supreme forces that control our life, the performance reveals the customs found in every Mexican village.

HAVING been bringing the jazz to Tampere since 1982, the 31st annual Tampere Jazz Happening is being staged from 1 to 4 November.

Recently bestowed the honour of Festival of the Year 2012 from Finland Festivals, this year sees a packed line-up headed by the legendary guitarist John Scofield on Sunday 4 November at Old Customs Hall. Last seen at the Tampere Jazz Happening back in 1990, Scofield returns with Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart to form the John Scofield Trio, re-embracing his jazzy groove after experiments with funk and rap. Having played with the likes of Charles Mingus and Miles Davis during his career, Scofield is recognised as one of the most significant names in jazz from the 1970s on, with his blend of bebop, funk, and rhythm and blues highly influential.