BRINGING culture and people together in unusual and unexpected ways, Helsinki’s Night of the Arts sees the city throwing its doors open to the public on Thursday 23 August.

The Night of the Arts can be found everywhere around town: on the streets, in shops, cafés, galleries, theatres and various other places. All of the events on offer are free of charge, unless otherwise indicated. While there has been an increased usage of alcohol among youngsters on the streets in recent years, don’t be deterred, as there are still plenty of events available for families.

Finnish media from a foreign camera angle.

The media industry is a profession notoriously difficult to break into, a vocation demanding commitment and passion at all times. For those who work in the media, it is a way of life. It’s an eclectic industry and, as a result, many foreigners find themselves working in media-related professions.

Utilising the skills she acquired while attending art schools in Russia Olga Malytcheva seeks to break boundaries between cultures here in Finland. Subscribing to the mantra “Art doesn’t know nationality”,

Malytcheva has gotten to know a variety of people through her passion for artistic expression, and has received considerable support from them. Having been born in in St.Petersburgh and Ingrian from her mother’s side, Malytcheva originally moved to Finland in 1996 due to her relatives here.

Close your eyes and imagine your life in sounds. This is what the Helsinki Soundpainting Ensemble invites us to do with each of their performances. From vocals to instruments such as guitar, flute, tambour or percussion, the group’s improvised artistic acts evoke various aspects of life as they transform into the universal language of sound.

ONCE again stretching well beyond the period of time indicated by its title, Helsinki Week is being staged from 31 May until 17 June. Having grown to its current length after originally focusing on Helsinki Day on 12 June, a diversity of events are offer this year.

Things kick off with The Guard’s Band Festival from 31 May until 2 June, with this popular three-day event presenting a variety of performances of military music at the Suomenlinna.