THIS CLUB is some sort of nomadic institution. Having started originally in Korjaamo, migrated to Liberté and had a season in Turku, Töpseli-klubi has now relocated to downtown in Belly on Uudenmaankatu! The focus is the interface of disco and live jazz with musicians performing a solo set before joining the DJs to jam over some classic jazz vinyls. Regular DJs Untamo and Jatsipetsi have nearly the full roster of the nu-jazz generation of musicians playing with them at one time or another.

The idea was concocted by the two young DJs back in 2005. They were looking to add a new element to the club world while capitalising on their own love of 12” classic jazz vinyls. From the start the live music...

A FRESH new face in the Finnish theatre and film scene, Maryan Guuleed developed an interest in acting after arriving in Finland as a refugee from Somalia. She first lived in Oravainen, where she attended school and acted in an amateur theatre. At 18 years of age, Guuleed moved to Helsinki and studied to become a practical nurse.

Her first touch in professional acting was in the documentary Whole Woman in 2004. She has since starred in Ritva Siikala’s plays Aina Jonkun Tytär and Zambesi. Concurrently with acting, Guuleed studied towards another degree and is about to graduate as a Bachelor of Business Administration. Guuleed can now be seen on screen in the film Kohtaamisia (Heartbeats) by Saara Cantell, currently in theatres across Finland.


TUCSON, ARIZONA – known for that spacious, alt-country sound. Calexico, Giant Sand and…Bob Log III? How does a distorted, one-man-slide-guitar-band fit into the Americana picture? While the former two internationally acclaimed bands may take their cue from wide-open deserts and south-of-the-border influences, Bob Log III sounds more like he was bitten by a rattlesnake, or perhaps a rabid javelina.


NIGHTMARISH scenery, darkly erotic figures, anguish and death, the merging of man and machine. That is what Swiss artist Hans Rudi Giger is known for, besides having created the most terrifying monster in the history of film.

Tampere Art Museum, in association with Deutsches Filmmuseum, presents a rare opportunity to see original works by the master of biomechanical art. Acrylic paintings, sculptures, videos and designs assembled from private collections and Giger’s own archives are on display, revolving around the films he has worked on. The exhibition portrays the personality of H. R. Giger, and paints a scenery of the mind that gave birth to Alien.


This year’s Anti-Racism Week starts off with the annual Musicians Against Racism concert on Sunday 14 March. The event takes place at the Gloria Cultural Arena in Helsinki, where several artists will get on stage to promote anti-racism. This year’s line-up includes rappers Redrama, Steen1 and Signmark, and up-and-coming pop group Vesterinen Yhtyeineen. The evening is hosted by Kristiina Wheeler and actor Chike Ohanwe.