Johanna Singh - Lehtikuva

Looking to tap into your entrepreneurial potential, without the bureaucratic migraine?

STARTING a business may possibly be among your life projects. However, there could be that little something preventing you from going forward and fulfilling your goals.

You know you have the skills and will to succeed, but perhaps you are concerned about the hassle of the registration and tax paperwork or being able to cope with all the obligations and routines of an entrepreneur. Or maybe you are concerned that your language skills could be not good enough to become an entrepreneur in Finland.

Whatever the reason, Eezy is here to make it easier for you, aspiring entrepreneur. “We handle all of the compulsory costs and legal obligations of our clients,” says Johanna Singh, representative of Eezy. “In other words, we take care of all the unpleasant paperwork, so that our clients are able to concentrate in their work and marketing. You can work as an entrepreneur without having to start up a business of your own.”

Singh explains the process to start invoicing through Eezy. “The only requirements are to have a Finnish tax card and not to be currently running a company”.

• The corporate form of Eezy is a cooperative, but you are not required to join in as a member.

• While working through Eezy, you are in a fixed term employment relationship with Eezy, and the duration of the employment relationship is equal to the duration of the job assignment in question.

• As your employer, Eezy will pay your salary and withhold tax in compliance with your tax card, as well as take care of mandatory insurances and other employer contributions and submit the annual reports of your income to the tax administration.

• You are not regarded as an entrepreneur although you operate independently and in an entrepreneurial manner, but as a self-employed person.

• Any work-related expenses you incur are mainly deductible through Eezy.

• For more information, visit www.eezy.fi.

“If you fulfil these prerequisites, you can register with us via our online sevice using your net bank authentication. If you don’t use e-banking, you can contact us, and we’ll handle the registration for you,” details the Eezy representative.

After completing the registration, you can start working right away. “Immediately after you log in for the first time in our system, you will be able you to start invoicing your clients through us”.

Eezy has about 8,900 people working through them in different business branches, which include information-based businesses, domestic services, renovation, handicrafts, industrial and graphic design, and performing arts, among others. “Hundreds of our clients are foreigners,” explains Singh, “and that number is growing.”

“One advantage of working with Eezy is that you are able to invoice foreign companies, which might be important clients for our registered users because of their international connections”.

Another advantage of invoicing through Eezy is the possibility of offering services without establishing an employer-employee relationship with the service recipient.

“In the current economic circumstances, companies and organisations may be reluctant to hire. However, there’s still much work to do. In this sense, we consider that offering your services as a self-employed worker through Eezy is a win-win situation,” explains the Eezy spokeswoman. “The invoicing of your services can be project-based, hourly-based, or as the situation requires”.

Singh mentions that many of their registered users decide to keep using Eezy’s services even after they have established themselves in the job market.

“When we started our operations, we thought that most of our clients would use our services more of as a launch platform before going solo in their business”, Singh explains. “However, many decide to stay with us more than expected because it is such a convenient way of operating.”

“In fact,” Singh explains, “the earnings you get while using Eezy are in many cases approximately the same as those if you would operate as a private entrepreneur. Of course, it depends on the particular costs of running a company, but we have many ex-entrepreneurs among our registered users who consider that it is more advantageous for them to work through us”.

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