Sustaining the security of personal and sensitive information has been an ongoing issue over the years.

The US National Security Agency (NSA) and its global surveillance apparatus has attracted vocal criticism. The scale and nature of the surveillance, exposed by Edward Snowden, has elicited much discussion of the relationship between intrusive government mass-surveillance and civil rights and the right to privacy. This discussion is nothing new.

Citizens’ initiatives are a relatively new element in the fabric of Finnish public governance. SixDegrees looks into the democracy-extending institution, its merits, and why some have regarded it with suspicion.

ARE YOU satisfied with the way the country is being run? Do you think that the politicians are at the service of the people? Do you have faith in the Finnish political system?

Looking to tap into your entrepreneurial potential, without the bureaucratic migraine?

STARTING a business may possibly be among your life projects. However, there could be that little something preventing you from going forward and fulfilling your goals.

In its over 25-year history, the Erasmus programme has transformed the lives of countless European students. To date, over three million Europeans have had the Erasmus experience.

THERE may be great differences in the lives and prospects of an economics student in Helsinki, a biology student in Spain and a future teacher in Romania, but what they all share is access to a student exchange period abroad. Thanks to the European Commission’s Erasmus programme, going abroad as part of their studies has never been easier.

In an age when an affair is possible at the click of a mouse, how has this affected the frequency that people are choosing to stray?

Those who read the Bible may remember Uriah from the Old Testament. The story of this Israelite military officer serves to show how drastic things may get when passion overrides reason. A passionate relationship evolved between King David of Israel and Uriah’s wife Bathsheba, and after she inadvertently got royally pregnant, the desperate King resolved the predicament by dispatching poor Uriah to the war front, not only to do his job but to be posted to the front lines, where he indeed got killed in action.