The summer of 2011 is finally here and it’s packed with festivals taking place all over the country. The hard part won’t be to find one worth going to, but choosing between all that’s on offer. SixDegrees compiled a guide of the summer ahead to help navigate your way through the sea of festivals.



Turku Soundcheck

When: 3-5 June

Where: Turku

Who’s there: Asa, Puppa J, Rappana, Genral Levy (UK), Juno & Heikki Kuula, Olli PA & Funksons, Black Bear Sound

Tickets: €20-30

Say what? Gather your posse and chill with the beats of reggae and rap.



Sauna Open Air Festival

When: 9-11 June

Where: Eteläpuisto, Tampere

Who’s there: Ozzy Osbourne (UK), Judas Priest (UK), Helloween (GER), Saxon (UK), Doro (GER), Sparzanza (SWE), Mokoma

Tickets: €54-112

Say what? Ozzy returns! The days spent soaking up the heat of Sauna are followed by an after party staged at NMK Metalfest at YO-Talo.

www.sauna-open-air.fi, nmk.fi

Lumo Jazz

When: 9-12 June

Where: Restaurant Wanha Satama, Kuopio

Who’s there: Jo Stance, Severi Pyssalo & Kauko Röyhkä, Honey B & the T-Bones, Timo Kämäräinen Group

Tickets: €20-55

Say what? Kuopio fills with a bunch of Finnish talent.



Kivenlahti Rock

When: 10-11 June

Where: Leppävaara, Espoo

Who’s there: Alborosie & Shengen Clan Band (ITA/JAM), Kosmikud (EST), Rhino Bucket (US), Paleface, Jenni Vartiainen, Kotiteollisuus, Pariisin Kevät, Jukka Poika, Plutonium 74, Apulanta

Tickets: €25/45

Say what? The name’s the same but the place has changed – don’t get lost!



Saaristo Open

When: 10-11 June

Where: Kaarina

Who’s there: Bonnie Tyler (UK), Europe (SWE), Kaija Koo, Apulanta, Poets of the Fall, Remu & Hurriganes

Tickets: €40-76

Say what? A couple more blasts from the past in this line-up!



Bassline Festival

When: 10-12 June

Where: Helsinki

Who’s there: Morphology, Apostoli, Jacedonia, Jake The Break & Flam Big Band, Juno, Stepa, Pyhimys, Rime, Ruger Hauer, Super Janne

Tickets: €0

Say what? Three days of free fun across the capital.




When: 11-12 June

Where: Turku

Who’s there: Felix Zenger, Kuutamo, Rytmi-Ritva & Suhsihukkaset, Merkkarit, Kai Kuutamo

Tickets: €9-12

Say what? Yippee, it’s a festival for the li’l ones!



When: 17-19 June

Where: Törnävä, Seinäjoki

Who’s there: System Of A Down (US), Volbeat (DK), Pedulum (AUS), Social Distortion (US), The Qemists (UK), The Vaccines (UK), Miss Li (SWE), Wolfmother (AUS)

Tickets: €65-112

Say what? The line-up of this legendary festival follows a darkish theme.



When: 17-19 June

Where: Hakunilan urheilupuisto, Vantaa

Who’s there: Soilwork (SWE), Mustasch (SWE), Bullet (SWE), Pain (SWE), Protest the Hero (CAN), Metsatöll (EST), Sotajumala, Mokoma

Tickets: €35-95

Say what? A Swede-induced metal line-up.



The Voice Juhannus Himosfestival

When: 23-25 June

Where: Himos, Jämsä

Who’s there: Blake, Uniklubi, Laura Närhi, Von Hertzen Brothers, Kaija Koo, Jätkäjätkät, Popeda

Tickets: €52-99

Say what? The theme of this party might as well be locally produced.




When: 23-25 June

Where: Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki

Who’s there: U.D.O. (GER), Voivod (CAN), Eluveitie (CH), Amorphis, Before the Dawn, Legion of the Damned

Tickets: €60-99

Say what? The website for this Metal Festival has a confusingly hippyish theme.


Kalajoen Juhannus

When: 23-25 June

Where: Kalajoki

Who's there: Pandora (SWE), E-rotic (GER), Cheek, Petri Nygård, Fintelligents, Kymppilinja, Haloo Helsinki, Jenni Vartiainen

Tickets: €30-95

Say what? One question: Pandora?!



Haapavesi Folk Music Festival

When: 27 June - 3 July

Where: Haapavesi

Who’s there: Finno-Balkan Voices (BG/FIN), Nordic (SWE), Dirk Powell (USA), Trio Assaí (SPA), Mariska & Pahat Sudet, Piirpauke

Tickets: €15-63

Say what? An international gathering of folky-folk.



When: 29 June - 6 July

Where: Järvenpää

Who’s there: Angie Stone (USA), Jonne Lang (USA), John Mayall (UK), Matt Schofield (UK), Jo Stance

Tickets: Main event €65

Say what? A whole week of blues and soul for ya’ll.


Iskelmä Himos

When: 30 June - 2 July

Where: Himos, Jämsä

Who’s there: Suvi Teräsniska, Yö, Paula Koivuniemi, Laura, Hanna Pakarinen, Mariska

Tickets: €45-95

Say what? Not sure what “iskelmä” stands for? Make your way to this festival and you’ll soon find out.






When: 2 July

Where: Kalasatama, Helsinki

Who’s there: Slipknot (USA), In Flames (SWE), Rob Zombie (USA), Mastodon (USA), Opeth (SWE), Sonata Arctica, Stam1na

Tickets: €85

Say what? A one-day blast of metaaaaal!!



When: 2 July

Where: Hämeenlinna

Who’s there: Manna, I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper, Radiopuhelimet, Kari Peitsamo

Tickets: €0-8

Say what? A free event with a line-up much the same as the year before.



When: 6-10 July

Where: Seinäjoki

Who’s there: Finalists of the Tango Singing Contest.

Tickets: TBA

Say what? Traditional yearly event filled with middle-aged tangoers.



Baltic Jazz

When: 6-10 July

Where: Taalintehdas, (near Turku)

Who’s there: Sinne Eeg (DK), Ulf Johansson Werre (SWE), Geir Rönning (NOR), Carolina Wallin Pérez (SWE), Timo Lassy Band, Johanna Iivanainen

Tickets: €0-40

Say what? A jazzmatazz.


Luomous Gothic Festival

When: 7-10 July

Where: Tampere

Who’s there: Star Indusrty (BG), Attrition (UK), Larva (SPA), Freakangel (EST), Silent Scream

Tickets: €18-20

Say what? The largest goth happening in Finland.




When: 8-10 July

Where: Ruissalo, Turku

Who’s there: The National (USA), Manu Chao (FRA), Fleet Foxes (USA), Bullet For My Valentine (UK), Robyn (SWE), The Prodigy (UK), Hurts (UK), Anna Calvi (UK)

Tickets: €70-110

Say what? One of the most impressive international line-ups of the summer.



Pori Jazz

When: 9-17 July

Where: Pori

Who's there: Elton John (UK), Ricky Martin (PR), Tom Jones (UK), Rumer (UK), Charles Lloyd (USA), Aloe Blacc (USA), Mos Def (USA)

Tickets: €0-72 per concert

Say what? The festival dates have been moved back a week this year.



Aitoon Kirkastusjuhlat

When: 9-11 July

Where: Aitoo

Who’s there: Rockwali, Popeda, Paleface, Kotiteollisuus, PMMP, Apulanta, Stella

Tickets: €12-75

Say what? Although the name refers to a religious get together, this is not one of those...



Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

When: 11-17 July

Where: Kaustinen

Who’s there: Snaarmaarvaar (BEL), Maija Vilkkumaa, Samuli Putro, Heikki Salo

Tickets: €20-32

Say what? Gather ‘round for a weeklong folk fest.


Jyväskylän Kesä

When: 12-17 July

Where: Jyväskylä

Who’s there: Mafalda Arnauth (PRT), Nikita Boriso-Glebsky (RUS), Aurelio & Garifuna Soul Band (HON), Dallapé, Jo Stance, Tuomari Nurmio

Tickets: €0-48

Say what? A city festival filled with different events.



When: 13-16 July

Where: Tampere

Who’s there: Fatboy (SWE), Mudhoney (USA), The Damned (UK), The Ark (SWE), Apulanta, Lovex

Tickets: €0-38

Say what? Usually packed with the classics Finnish acts, this year’s Tammerfest pulls a few surprises.


Hammer Open Air Metal Festival

When: 15-16 July

Where: Lieto

Who’s there: Absu (USA), Inquisition (USA), Primordial (IRL), Mortifera (FRA), Gospel of the Horns (AUS)

Tickets: €45-75

Say what? A weekend of headbanging awaits!



When: 15-17 July

Where: Joensuu

Who’s there: Ojos de Brujo (SPA), Kate Nash (UK), Red Sparowes (USA), Melt Banana (JPN), Sielun Veljet, Villa Nah, Uusi Fantasia

Tickets: €20-75

Say what? A quirky mix of music in a brilliant setting.



Island In The Sun

When: 15-16 July

Where: Jurmo, Åland

Who’s there: Palpitation (SWE), Billie the Vision and the Dancers (SWE), French Films

Tickets: TBA

Say what? A weekend of island life with nice music doesn’t sound too bad.



Keitele Jazz

When: 20-23 July

Where: Äänekoski

Who’s there: The Bad Ass Brass Band, Pelle Miljoona & JJU String Ensemble, Maija Vilkkumaa, Wilco Johnson

Tickets: €10-55

Say what? Experience a small town gathering.



SuomiPop Festivaali

When: 21-23 July

Where: Jyväskylä

Who’s there: Paula Koivuniemi, Sir Elwoodin Hiljaiset Värit, Uniklubi, Jenni Vartiainen, Kaija Koo

Tickets: €35-70

Say what? For those who just can’t get enough of Suomipop.



Wanaja Festival

When: 22-23 July

Where: Hämeenlinna

Who’s there: Manic Street Preachers (UK), The Darkness (UK), Therapy? (UK), Samuli Putro, Ultramariini, Uusi Fantasia

Tickets: €45-55

Say what? A Brit-Finn fest.



Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

When: 22-24 July

Where: Suvilahti, Helsinki

Who’s there: Morbid Angel (USA), Devin Townsend Project (USA), Amon Amarth (SWE), Epica (NL), Bulldozer (ITA), Amorphis, Blind Guardian

Tickets: €60-125

Say what? Tuska moves to Suvilahti.



Rauma Blues

When: 22-23 July

Where: Rauma

Who’s there: Delbert McClinton (USA), Willie Smith (USA), Eden Brent (USA), Carolyn Wonderland (USA), Hoodoo Revue

Tickets: €12-55

Say what? Get the summer blues and head to Rauma.



Sunset Beach Party

When: 22-23 July

Where: Karkkila

Who’s there: Egotrippi, Irina, Jukka Poika & Sound Explotion Band, Tuomari Nurmio, Paleface

Tickets: €22-50

Say what? Sunset Beach Party goes Love Boat!



Rockoff Festival

When: 22-30 July

Where: Mariehamn, Åland

Who’s there: The Ark (SWE), Miss Li (SWE), Daniel Adams-Ray (SWE), The Pusher (SWE)

Tickets: €30/90

Say what? Hail the Swedes!




When: 23 July

Where: Tuuri

Who’s there: The Scorpions (GER), Negative, Flinch, Jenni Vartiainen

Tickets: €10

Say what? What’s Jenni Vartiainen doing in that bunch?



Down By The Laituri (DBTL)

When: 26-31 July

Where: Turku

Who’s there: TBA

Tickets: TBA

Say what? DBTL usually offers a nice line-up – but this time we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we?



Kuopio Rockcock

When: 29-30 July

Where: Kuopio

Who’s there: Wasp (USA), The Exploited (UK), Danko Jones (CAN), Crazy Canvas (UK)

Tickets: €38-83

Say what? Now, I hope they mean rockrooster.




When: 29-30 July

Where: Oulu

Who’s there: Twisted Sister (USA), The Posies (USA), Mustach (SWE), Children of Bodom, Von Hertzen Brothers, Anna Puu, Happoradio, CMX

Tickets: €45-80

Say what? Wonder if the guys of Mustach actually all have one?



Faces Etnofestival

When: 29-31 July

Where: Raseborg

Who’s there: TBA

Tickets: €10-65

Say what? This year’s festival carries the theme “Viva la différence.”





When: 4-6 August

Where: Himos, Jämsä

Who’s there: Dead Prez (USA), CunningLynguists (USA), Petter (SWE), Adam Tensta (SWE), Popcorn Radio (NOR) + most of Finland’s hip-hop dudes

Tickets: €39-75

Say what? The biggest hip-hop event of the summer!



Pyhä Unplugged

When: 4-7 August

Where: Pyhätunturi

Who’s there: Edu Kettunen & Pekka Ruuska, Mariska & Pahat Sudet, Martti Servo Duo

Tickets: TBA

Say what? A tiny but enjoyable music happening in a stunning setting of a natural amphitheatre.




When: 6 August

Where: Forssa

Who’s there: Connie Lush (UK), Tchakounte (CAM), Dave Arcari (UK)

Tickets: TBA

Say what? A cosy little blues festival.



Jalometalli Metal Music Festival

When: 12-13 August

Where: Oulu

Who’s there: Sepultura (BRA), Sodom (GER), Entombed (SWE), Cathedral (UK)

Tickets: €67

Say what? A heavy weekend at Oulu.



Flow Festival

When: 12-14 August

Where: Suvilahti, Helsinki

Who’s there: Iron & Wine (USA), Lykke Li (SWE), James Blake (UK), Kanye West (USA), Midlake (USA), Twin Shadow (USA), Matias Aguayo (ARG), Mayer Hawthorne & The County (USA)

Tickets: €115/3day pass, day tickets TBA

Say what? If possible, the line-up is even a tad more exciting than last summer. The best way to enjoy a summer festival is without doubt in the charming setting of Suvilahti.



Jurassic Rock

When: 13-18 August

Where: Visulahti, Mikkeli

Who’s there: Wiz Khalifa (USA), Flogging Molly (USA), Soilwork (SWE), Mike Herrera (USA)

Tickets: €15-58

Say what? The festival offers also a skate park, cinema tent and lots of fun for the kids at the water park.



When: 19-20 August

Where: Tampere

Who’s there: Bun B (USA), Looptroop Rockers (SWE), Cheek, Raappana, Jätkäjätkät, Ruudolf, Kemmuru

Tickets: €29-75

Say what? It’s a block party!


Helsinki Festival (Helsingin juhlaviikot)

When: 19 August – 4 September

Where: Helsinki

Who’s there: Allen Toussaint (USA), Marcos Valle (BRA), Lisa Ekdahl (SWE), Carmen Souza (POR) + tons more, check the website!

Tickets: TBA

Say what? Stretching over two weeks at the end of summer, Helsinki Festival has an overwhelming amount of interesting stuff on offer.


Viapori Jazz

When: 24-27 August

Where: Suomenlinna, Helsinki

Who’s there: Verneri Phojola Nonet, Jukka Perko Steamline Jazztet, Niklas Winter band feat. Emma Salokoski, Paula Vesala & Pekka Kuusisto

Tickets: €52/concert

Say what? Still in the waiting for the programme’s release, but it’s on!


Lutakko Liekeissä

When: 27 August

Where: Jyväskylä

Who’s there: Fucked Up (CAN), The Menzingers (USA), Disco Ensemble, Rytmihäiriö, Unkind, Appendix, Part Time Killer

Tickets: TBA

Say what? Concentrating on punk this year – more artists to be announced!


Information in this guide is based on what’s available at the time of printing. SixDegrees is not responsible for possible changes.