Sick and tired of pop up ads hounding you when you are visiting your favourite website? Worn down by the various interuptions as you update your Facebook page? Ticked off because you know every click is being tracked? Bad mood from bumping into too many banners? Well, you are certainly not alone.

These days, digital dwellers are increasingly using advert blockers with their browsers and social media sites. One of the most downloaded add-ons for browsers such as Firefox and programs used with Facebook are for blocking those pesky adverts that get in the way of your online time.

For users, the benefits of ad blocking are numerous. Without the often unwanted clutter of sales dragging down the speed of loading pages, there is the added bonus of increased privacy when browsing, in light of ad delivery platforms employing tracking and profiling systems

These ad-blocking add-ons have been a saving grace amidst the the increased barrage of advertising. in recent times. Adblock is one of the most widely utilised add-on for those who use Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome. Many more options are available. It remains to be seen how dramatically this will affect online advertising in the long run, but the sales forecast is not good at all.

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James O’Sullivan