Arnold Chiwalala (centre) and his band.


Held annually in November, this festival may be the oldest prominent focal point for promoting global music and it has been organising by the Global Music Centre since 1988.

Etnosoi! has expanded country-wide partly due to the partnership with Cultural Cooperation (Kultturiosuuskunta) Uulu in Tampere.


World Village Festival

Held each May, downtown Helsinki fills with all manner of international guests and cross-culture exchange. All five senses are stimulated, with some of tastiest food on offer that the Capital Region will see all year.


Maa Ilmassa

Another spot where Helsinki’s residents could also enjoy a glimpse of different countries is Maa Ilmassa club. Different activities are organised here, offering different types of music and performers from around the world.


City of Helsinki Cultural Office

A variety of venues host different music from different countries and encourages different multicultural groups throughout the year to practice cultural activities. Among the venues you can find some excellent global happenings: Annantalo, Caisa, Espa Stage, Kanneltalo, Malmitalo, Savoy Theatre, Stoa and Vuosaari House


Sibelius Academy

Frequently organises concerts, lectures and activities that involve musicians coming from abroad and also migrants living in Finland, as well as students.


Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

The Folk Music Institute organise the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival annually. This is one of the biggest festivals of this type in the Nordic area, and is well known worldwide. Over 100,000 people attend each year, along with more than 3,000 performers from Finland and other countries.


Logomo, Turku

Turku’s cultural centre, offering global music on occasion.


City of Tampere Cultural Affairs

The City of Tampere organises a number of culturally themed events each year.


Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu

Helps bring a number of culturally diverse musical events each year to Oulu, including the Irish Festival of Oulu.


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