WHILE it has been a phenomenon in other parts of the world for many years, the idea of blogging as a profession is still a relatively new thing here in Finland.

A recent article in Helsingin Sanomat profiled a number of young Finns who have made their mark on the industry, as it were. In fact, so deep is the mark they have carved, that professional bloggers can earn up to 6,000 euros per month.

That’s six, zero, zero, zero euros – a month! Just in case you need further clarification, the average wage here, give or take, is approximately half of that per month. This big, fat, chubby number is in the same ballpark of a doctor’s earnings!!

I suppose bloggers are easy to spot in the street then: their swollen back pockets struggling to accommodate such thick wallets. In a bar the must sit lop-sided on a stool, one butt-cheek hitting the stool top with a resounding slap every time they pull their enormous wad of cash out to shout the bar patrons a round.

Or something...

Anyway, so, time to start punching the keyboard then?

Well, not so fast. The article goes on to air the views of Manifesto partner Mikko Koistinen, who estimates that there is something like a dozen people who earn this sort of cash from blogging in Finland. The article points out that one blogger makes some crisp bills churning out copy about a Swiss organic farm, in between dishing out parking tips. Fair play to them. However, there are so many bloggers out there at present, one begins to wonder just how many people are interested in the unsolicited warblings of the masses seeking to be heard.

But, have no fear – a closer look at statistics collected from the tax office suggests that the vast majority of bloggers earn something in the vicinity of 1,000 euros per month.

In most cases, the blog is still a secondary job, and posts are tapped out the evening in bed before going to sleep. So, the rest of us can sleep a little easier knowing that the dream of a whopping income in Finland is still exactly that – a dream.

James O’Sullivan