Latin dances have long thrived in Finland, with Zouk the most recent genre to elicit avid followers.

BRAZILIAN Zouk dancing is a modern partner dance that has gained momentum in Finland, along with devoted supporters. The dance is an intimate dance that mixes the Brazilian Lambada with Zouk music of the Caribbean. The music originates from the French Caribbean areas of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana.

Ever since the latter half of the 19th century, shopping has brought pleasure to peoples’ lives and has even acted as a means of relaxation. In some cases, however, the economy-boosting hobby has become rooted in people in a rather adverse manner.

Home-style Ethiopian cooking in Töölö.

LUNCHEON experiences are different for everyone. But when you come face to face with the cooking that you’ve been missing from home, well, it brings an emotional rollercoaster of both pleasure and melancholy. It’s with this food that one can find oneself immersed in an exciting mood reminiscing the good old days where you’re able to easily find such delights at home with the comfort of your families and loved ones.

Japan is not that far away, at least not for those who know where to look.

While Japanese culture might initially seem to appear somewhat of a distant concept in Finland, it has in fact a widespread network of supporters and events devoted to its wonderfully quirky aspects. In many cases the term Japanophilia can be applied: a strong interest in the country, culture or people of Japan. For many it is even not a case of interest, but lifestyle.

Attendance at Flow Festival sets record

This year’s Flow Festival attracted a record-breaking 63.000 visitors over four event days, easily surpassing previous attendance numbers. The enlarged festival area allowed for greater capacity and although not all the days sold out, the festival was a great success by any measure. This was the ninth edition of Flow Festival, held in Suvilahti over the weekend, with an opening concert featuring Bon Iver earlier on Wednesday.