We live in a world where everything is moving faster. This is a world where fast food has become one of society’s focal points; a world where people guzzle sugary brown water and gorge on greasy, unnatural food in such quantities that the size XL has stretched to become XXXL and humanity has begun to physically mutate.

Community-centred living is becoming increasingly popular in today’s Finland, with people more aware of the prevalence of social reclusion.

Rather than being an exception relegated to a rare few, living alone in a studio flat in your early 20s is more accurately described as the norm when it comes to student accommodation in Finland. Given that such living standards are seen as a luxury in most other countries, many foreigners fresh to Finnish culture are found to be flabbergasted upon hearing about it.

The Finland-Swedish community has its own special take on Christmas celebrations.

CHRISTMAS may come but once a year, but it comes in different ways for different peoples. There are many ways of celebrating this festival, and even within a single country there can be a lot of variation. In Finland, the Swedish-speaking community shares many of the national Christmas traditions, but it also has a few twists specific to itself.

As blogging becomes more mainstream, is it also becoming something you could make a living from?

Blogging has left behind its late ‘90s stereotype of being something that geeky teenage boys do in their bedrooms, and is now a firm part of modern day culture enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Business bloggers, fashion bloggers, health and fitness bloggers, parent bloggers, expat bloggers, political bloggers, technology bloggers; millions of people around the globe use blogs to share ideas and information.

Long-distance couples tell SixDegrees how online communication helped their relationships.

When David and his wife Fiona first met at university in 2000, Skype was not yet available, and smartphones were barely a blip on the technological horizon. But when their studies came to an end and David moved back to Barcelona, their romance didn’t dwindle away, it blossomed.