Rock of Ages

Kicking things off this summer season is the strangely fascinating idea of Tom Cruise acting the cock rock god in the musical Rock of Ages (29.6). The Amazing Spider-Man (6.7) follows the next week with what seems like a hasty reboot of the franchise, however it arrives on the back of some very strong early reviews. Impatiently waiting for this epic conclusion to the Batman trilogy? Well, pencil in 20.7 into your calendar as entering the box office ring populated by troubled men in tights, The Dark Knight Rises at your local multiplex.

For those seeking a dose of Jack Kerouac, then the big screen adaptation of On the Road (27.7) is coming at you. Fancy some stylish butchering of history? Try your hand at Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (3.8). Sick of a smarmy Matthew McConaughey riding a surfbard? Then William Friedkin’s Killer Joe (10.8) promises a twisted cinematic experience. Meanwhile, wondering what happened to the biggest action stars of the ‘80s, ‘90s and now? Well, putting them all in the blender for an action fest, The Expendables 2 (17.8) aims to tear the heart out of the box office and feed it to it. Or something. Finally, Mika Kaurismäki brings us Tie pohjoiseen (24.8), with Samuli Edelmann and Vesa-Matti Loiri as a father and son headed, as you may have already guessed, up north.