Colin Farell prepares to remember in Total Recall.

Total Recall

For those who like their films associated with the words “remake”, “reboot” and even “rehash”, along comes a new version of Paul Verhoeven’s seminal 1990 sci-fi classic. Now, along with the Dutch director’s scathing societal appraisal, the Austrian Oak himself Arnold Schwarzenegger leavened the pulpy material with a typically wooden performance littered with trademark one-liners. In their place for this new version is Die Hard 4.0’s Len Wiseman at the helm (also known for the Underworld series) and Irishman Colin Farrell – and, unfortunately, no getting their ass to Mars.

Premiere 31 August


Following up the recent 1-2 of The Proposition and The Road, Australian duo of Director John Hillcoat and writer Nick Cave return with this tale of gangsters in prohibition-era USA. With Shia LaBeouf lifting his game after the lacklustre third instalment of the Transformers franchise, he is joined by the likes of Bane himself Tom Hardy for a hotly anticipated fable. With the soundtrack once again supplied by Cave and Warren Ellis, expect the kind of macho navel gazing that propelled their previous films to impressive heights.

Premiere 7 September

Moonrise Kingdom

Hands up if you haven’t yet fallen in love with the films of Wes Anderson. Well, for the lucky few who have yet to discover his delicious blend of whimsical melancholy, you are in for a treat. And the rest of us? Well, we know what we are in for – and can’t wait! Set in the 1960s, here a couple of love struck youngsters run away together, with all manner of adorably left of centre characters in hot pursuit. Anderson’s ability to draw the unexpected from his actors is highly regarded, something that his star studded cast no doubt will achieve once more.

Premiere 14 September

The Bourne Legacy

When is a franchise no longer a franchise anymore? Well, not bothering to trouble itself with such conundrums, here the Bourne trilogy is expanded by a fourth instalment, with chief lead Matt Damon bailing out and replaced by the fast rising Jeremy Renner. Wisely deciding not to reinvent Bourne’s memorable character, here our stone faced killer is, um, reborn in the shape of Renner’s pug faced man on the lam. Most of the supporting cast returns from the initial trio and advance word has been very strong.

Premiere 21 September