Classic Bond. Daniel Craig and his Aston Martin return for one more 007 outing in Skyfall.


When isn’t a perfect time for a new James Bond flick? Especially one with Daniel Craig! Hoping to erase the memory of the relentless brutality of Quantum of Solace, here Craig finds himself a new adversary in Javier Bardem, the latest in a long line of bad guys to go head-to-head with 007. With Bond missing and presumed dead, the identities of every active undercover MI6 agent are leaked onto the internet, bringing into question the honesty of M. With director Sam Mendes at the helm, this latest effort promises a return to form, with positive press accolades already quickly mounting.

Premieres 26 October


After the surprising brilliance of his last directorial outing, 2010’s The Town, Ben Affleck returns this week with this wide-sweeping flick set in the Iranian revolution at the turn of the ‘80s. Here Affleck also takes the lead role as a CIA ‘exfiltration’ specialist who concocts a risky plan to free six Americans who have taken shelter at the home of the Canadian ambassador. Combining tense scenes with often brilliant lampooning of Hollywood, here Affleck proves his previous directorial successes were no fluke, as the film balances chuckles and thrills on its way to a memorable finale.

Premieres 2 November

End of Watch

Jake Gyllenhaal can seemingly do no wrong. Okay, just don’t mention Prince of Persia! Here he teams up with Michael Peña as one of two police officers who find themselves being hunted down by a notorious cartel after confiscating money and firearms during a routine traffic stop. From David Ayer, the director of Harsh Times and Street Kings, reviews have been very positive for his latest Los Angeles-set cop drama playing itself out on the big screen.

Premieres 9 November

Trouble with the Curve

Coming out of his acting retirement that was first announced after the release of Grand Torino a handful of years ago, here Clint Eastwood returns in front of the camera with this likeable tale of an aging baseball scout who heads off for one last recruiting trip with his daughter. Boasting a cracking supporting cast that includes the likes of Amy Adams and John Goodman, while the storyline doesn’t promise any new tricks or surprises, it’s simply a pleasure to see Eastwood back on the big screen, no matter how well-worn the themes of the film are.

Premieres 23 November