Bradley Cooper (L) and Christian Bale take a moment to contemplate their awards-season chances for American Hustle.

Inside Llewyn Davis (K12)

Time for another dose of the Coen brothers, after the brilliance of 2010’s western True Grit. Here, idealistic young folk singer Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) struggles to make a name for himself in the Big Apple’s Greenwich Village folk scene of the early 1960s. Punctuated with folk tunes crafted with regular cohort T. Bone Burnett, once again the brothers have assembled an intriguing cast. Carey Mulligan, John Goodman, F. Murray Abraham and even a bearded Justin Timberlake take a bow for this outing. Early word has it that the film plays more serious than previous Coen efforts – not that it matters much, the reviews have been stellar. Just in case their oeuvre hasn’t been diverse enough over the years, next up for the brothers is Hail Caesar, with George Clooney. One can hardly wait.

Premieres 28 February

American Hustle (K12)

Ensembles once again feature in the latest from director David O. Russell. Following up his acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook from last year, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, and Amy Adams come together to tell the tale of a reckless FBI agent who recruits a con man and his partner to take part in a scheme together. Of course, this is not just any scheme, mind you. Set in 1970s New Jersey, now it’s time to ensnare corrupt politicians and gangsters in their web, for the benefit of our entertainment. All this and more get thrown into the mix, in one of the frontrunners for this year’s Oscars.

Premieres 7 March

Saving Mr. Banks (K12)

The Mary Poppins story has already shone on the big screen, so, why not revisit, reboot or replenish the classic, as is Hollywood’s want with its back catalogue these days? Well, taking a slightly different approach, here tells the story of how Walt Disney courted P.L. Travers into letting him option the rights to her beloved Mary. With Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson as the leads, of course, she eventually relented, but how? These two acting heavyweights inevitably bring the story to life, with Thompson refreshingly seen without a glass in hand, as is seemingly her want these days at every awards ceremony. They are joined by Colin Farrell, Paul Giamatti, and Jason Schwartzman in co-starring roles.

Premieres 14 March

Only Lovers Left Alive

Indie director Jim Jarmusch directs a vampire story. That single sentence will be enough to tweak the interest of most film buffs. Throw in Tom Hiddleston as a bloodsucker who has been making a living as a reclusive musician, and Tilda Swinton as a fellow vampire who leaves her home abroad to live with him in the downtrodden Motor City of Detroit, and the net is thrown over an even wider potential audience. Longtime lovers over the centuries, things are going well for the fanged duo, until Eve’s sister (Mia Wasikowska) decides to pay them a visit. Three’s forever a crowd, it seems.

Premieres 21 March