Going up? The world of director Wes Anderson expands once again with Grand Budapest Hotel.

The Railway Man

Trainspotting this aint as Colin Firth stars as a British Army officer who was tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labour camp during World War II. Decades down the track, he discovers that the Japanese interpreter he holds responsible for much of his harrowing treatment is still alive and kicking. Setting out to confront him, and come to terms with his haunting past, the film is based on Eric Lomax’s best-selling memoir. Firth is supported by the likes of Nicole Kidman, Stellan Skarsgård and Jeremy Irvine in the thespianage department.

Premieres 28 March

The Lunchbox

Offering one of the rare Indian films to make it on wide release her on the big screen here in Finland, this acclaimed tale is set amidst the endearing chaos of Mumbai. Focusing on the city’s famously efficient tiffin (lunchbox) delivery service, a rare mistake sees a bond form between a young housewife and an old man in the autumn of his life. Setting about building a fantasy world together through notes exchanged in the tiffin of the title, as the lunchbox goes back and forth, their fantasy becomes so elaborate that it threatens to overwhelm the realities of their lives. Featuring internationally acclaimed actor Irfan Khan (Life of Pi, The Amazing Spider-man), advance word has been very positive.

Premieres 4 April

Grand Budapest Hotel

Time for another Wes Anderson adventure, it seems, after his wonderful and whimsical Moonrise Kingdom a couple of years ago. This time around the director shifts his focus to Europe. The usual faces are all there (yes, including Bill Murray) along with new recruits Saoirse Ronan, Ralph Fiennes and Jude Law. In fact, the cast list is positively bulging with famous names. And so, set at a legendary hotel situated in the Alps during the 1930s the film focuses on Fiennes’ Gustav H., the hotel’s famous concierge. Cue the theft and subsequent recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting, along with the battle for a significant family fortune, as Anderson’s joyful filmmaking patchwork of pastel colours shines again.

Premieres 11 April


Cinematic history has thrown up a few cinematographers who have in turn become directors in their own right. Here Wally Pfister, longtime cinematographer for Christopher Nolan steps up to make his directorial debut. And with this sci-fi adventure starring Johnny Depp, one can’t help but be intrigued. Throw in the likes of regular Nolan cohorts Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy and things begin to look very enticing indeed. Here Depp is the foremost Artificial Intelligence researcher, seeking to create a machine that brings together the collective intelligence of everything ever known and the deep well of human emotions. Toss a clutch of anti-technology extremists into the cinematic mix and things turn prickly in no time.

Premieres 18 April